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Europe's leading bank manages CX proactively

Akbank, one of the leading banks in Europe, uses Alterna CX to measure customer experience everyday in more than 800 of its branches, digital banking channels and its contact center. Going beyond transactional NPS surveys, Akbank uses text analytics and behavioral signals to make real time interventions and proactively manage customer experience.


Akbank, one of the top four banks in Turkey and a leading bank in Europe with more than 7 million active customers aspires to deliver the best customer in the market through its innovative omni channel banking model.  The bank uses multiple customer experience studies to track and improve customer experience.

The Challenge

Although Akbank’s previous customer experience management solution handled its transactional NPS program, it was not able to deliver real time insights and actions needed by Akbank to improve customer experience every day.  Since Akbank employees across branches, contact centers and digital channels did not have a clear and timely view of performance, their engagement level was limited.  Furthermore the bank did not have an integrated text analytics capability to categorize NPS survey comments and Social Media by topics which made it difficult to understand the drivers of customer experience.


With the challenges in mind, Alterna worked with Akbank to design and implement a world class program to achieve Akbank’s goals of proactive customer experience management.

Today Alterna CX handles the NPS program of Akbank covering branch, call center, internet banking and mobile banking channels.  Out of millions of banking transactions a day, Alterna CX picks the customers to be surveyed based on the representation rules defined by Akbank customer experience team.  In addition to NPS surveys, Alterna CX text analytics engine categorizes open ended feedbacks from customers as well comments on social media and internet to form a 360 degree of the voice of customer. Customer sentiments and conversation topics about the bank and its key competitors are identified and reported every day.

System delivers real time customer experience insights and reports to more than 10000 bank employees across different departments based on their roles and performance objectives.  From tellers in the branches and portfolio managers to call center team leaders, each employee is able to easily track his or her performance from Alterna CX.   Similarly in the headquarters customer segment managers , digital bank managers as well as product managers are able to see real time view of the voice of customer as well as its progression.

Understanding potential action areas from customer feedbacks and routing them to the right division is also a priority for Akbank. Both detractor alerts based on NPS surveys and priority topics in customer comments categorized by text analytics are put in place. In the case of low performance, Alterna CX routes alerts to the right people in the bank for interventions through integrations with Akbank’s CRM system.

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Top retailer improves CX

Koçtaş, one of the largest home improvement retailers and part of Kingfisher Group in Europe, increased its Net Promoter Score by 5 points in high traffic stores in its first 3 months and boosted its customer centric culture with Alterna CX.  Real time feedback collected from customers enables stores to resolve customer issues immediately; front line has visibility into store results to make small changes with high impact.


Koçtaş, top home improvement retailer with 40+ stores and online store, is seeking to provide the best customer experience in its industry through its highly visible and actively used NPS program.  Every day store managers listen to customer feedback real time on their store specific dashboards and take action using Alterna CX solution.  Koçtaş customer experience team can quickly add new voice of customer channels to the program thanks to the flexibility of Alterna CX.  Effective use of the solution to manage and improve experiences across the customer journey from purchase though delivery to usage, has been presented as a show case within the Koç Group of Companies, Turkey’s leading conglomerate.

The Challenge

Before Alterna CX, voice of customer collection was collected periodically but at infrequent intervals and less quantity.  Reading open ended customer feedback and making actionable sense out of it was a time-taking hurdle for the Koçtaş team.  Without timely view of customer feedback, store staff, delivery teams and call center agents were unable to learn about their shortcomings and take corrective action in time.  Customer centricity often got limited to KPI tracking focus rather than diffusing into the DNA of the organization.  Koçtaş was in need of an omni-channel capability to manage customer experience seamlessly and engage the organization across all its physical and digital channels.  When Koçtaş team wanted to make an addition into its measurement scope such as a new channel, product or process; it was often a significant challenge to make the addition live.


To address these challenges, Alterna worked with Koçtaş team to design and implement a seamless NPS program across all its physical and digital channels.  It took less than a month to design and make live the NPS program that has 10+ touchpoints, 4 survey execution channels and 4 integration partners.

All touchpoint staff including 40+ store managers, delivery teams, digital team and call center agents use Alterna to gain access to customer experience insight specific to their domain. Transaction spesific NPS scores feed into individual’s peformance scorecards.  When customers give low scores, or give negative feedback in open ended text, Alterna triggers and manages the whole workflow to alert, assign improvement action, track, close and call back the customer.  Using Alterna, Koçtaş team can now have real time insight on open ended feedback from customers:  The sentiments as well categorization of the issues and their touchpoints.


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Innovative insurer improves 3rd party ecosystem services

Sompo Japan Insurance, the Turkish subsidiary of Sompo Japan Tokyo uses Alterna CX to track customer satisfaction for its auto and property divisions.  The transactional NPS program makes real-time interventions and proactively manage the customer experience.


Sompo Japan Insurance is one of the fastest growing P&C insurers in Turkey. Driven by the organization’s vision of continuously improving quality, Sompo Japan wanted to deploy an NPS program to systematically measure and track improvements in service quality, customer experience, and satisfaction.

The Challenge

Previously the company conducted traditional market research to understand customer satisfaction.  This research was mostly done once or twice per year and insights came in manual reports. While this method of analysis provided useful information for the team, it did not give the day to day insights and actionability that Sompo Japan Insurance executives were looking for.
Timely insights are critical in insurance where a most of customer’s purchase, use, and support experiences take place not with the insurer but between the customer and the 3rd party – such as loss adjusters, tow truckers, independent agents, etc. Insurers do not typically have full control over what happens in these specific experiences, but these experiences contribute a lot in customer’s decision to renew a policy. Timely measurement provides insurers room for intervention and recovery.


With the challenges in mind, Alterna worked with Sompo Japan Insurance to design and implement a transaction based NPS program. Achieving Sompo Japan’s goals of understanding pain points in customer experiences and improving it consistently across the organization.

Today, transactions from Claims, 3rd parties and Call Center operations are processed, and NPS surveys are sent to customers based on specific transactions across 15+ touchpoints within 24 hours of their experience.

We’ve implemented communication rules for each survey and customer balance response rates across surveys while also preventing too much survey invitations to customers. Survey response rates from SMS and Web channels were 20% higher than 3rd party experiences. For other experiences such as claims handling, Sompo Japan CX team was able to lift response rates by 25% using built-in follow-up and reminder mechanisms in Alterna CX.  

Based on alert notifications sent by Alterna CX, customer care teams run immediate callbacks to detractors to understand root causes and fix issues. The team also randomly checks promoters to understand Sompo Japan’s wow moments and share good practices across the organization.
With the granular and real-time insights in their dashboards, management teams in Technical Departments can understand customer experience performance of thousands of third parties from repair shops to tow trucks and plumbers. As a result, management was able to adapt service levels expected from different third parties and track improvements from a single platform.
On the management level, the executives in Claims, Technical Teams can track the overall performance of the enterprise and share with the headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.


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